On-Demand HCM Webcast:
What It’s Like to Work for a Gen X'er

Your next CEO will probably be a Gen X’er.
And, many of you are working for one right now!

This webcast will provide some insights on their leadership style, and how to get the most out of that relationship Generational differences impact every organization, including the often over-looked Generation X. In order to succeed, businesses are looking to understand the differences and capitalize on ways to have better collaboration between leaders and employees.
As Generation X moves into the highest leadership positions, focus is now turning to defining the Gen X leadership style.

This on-demand webcast will reveal the most critical aspects of the Gen X leadership style, covering how other generations can understand the Gen X approach with tips on successful partnering and collaboration.

Learn about:
  • The anatomy of the Gen X leader
  • Tips to working with Generation X
  • How engaged Gen X leaders will result in more engaged Gen Y and millennials
  • Partnering for future leadership

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Guest speaker:
Trish McFarlane CEO, H3 HR Advisors and HRevolutionize LLP

Trish McFarlane is a seasoned HR executive focused on the alignment of strategic business objectives and HR competencies by incorporating social media, marketing, internal communications and innovation. With more than a decade of experience in technology selection and implementation, McFarlane is committed to expanding the business scope of HR professionals as the realm of HR evolves.