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Business Performance Toolkit for Healthcare

Healthcare is highly regulated and compliance-heavy, discover how cloud-based HCM can help improve your organization.

Doctor with stethoscope; Optimizing Business Performance through Improved People Management: HR Leaders in the Healthcare Space Share Their Stories The healthcare industry is one of the most highly regulated and report-intensive industries out there. From multiple shift schedule to constantly changing legal regulations there is a lot to stay on top of. A unified, cloud-based human capital management solution can assist in streamlining processes as well as allow for easier onboarding.

Leaders in the healthcare industry have already transitioned to a comprehensive HCM solution and are seeing incredible results. Hear from multiple industry leaders to see how their workforce overcame unique healthcare industry obstacles, and how your workforce can experience similar results.

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Business Performance Toolkit for Healthcare Organizations

What can streamlined people management tools offer?

Comprehensive HCM for more cost savings and efficiency

When it comes to human capital management (HCM), the healthcare space has some of the most unique and complex needs found within any industry. Healthcare organizations contend daily with challenges ranging from tracking payroll and benefits for hundreds of employees to quickly filling key positions with the best talent available.

Whether your company is a small non-profit agency or a provider serving thousands of patients per day, you face many of the same barriers to achieving effective, hassle-free management of your workforce:
  • Complex scheduling and time management
  • The need for top-tier recruitment and fast time-to-hire
  • Maintaining accurate workforce data from many different locations
  • Rapidly changing legal compliance requirements
  • A critical reliance on interdepartmental collaboration

Employers in the healthcare field know how time-consuming it can be to balance providing quality service to their clients with effective, streamlined administration of their employees. Healthcare organizations can benefit now more than ever from the power of comprehensive people management delivered in the cloud.

In this toolkit, you’ll discover how a variety of leading companies in the healthcare industry are streamlining time-consuming HR processes, reducing time to hire, and saving thousands in administrative costs.

Acadia Healthcare - Ultimate Software


Leverages streamlined HCM to cut 90-day turnover in half, saving $750,000

Telecare's mission is to deliver excellent and effective behavioral health services that engage individuals with complex needs in recovering their health, hopes, and dreams. The organization's 3,500 employees work in seven U.S. states and provide service to more than 27,000 people in 115 program locations.

Since going live with a comprehensive cloud-based HCM solution in 2014, Telecare has better served its employees throughout the entire employee lifecycle, even before day one.

"In healthcare, we have an extreme shortage of licensed staff, so creating a great employee experience in everything we do is exceedingly important," said Suzanne Rudnitzki, former chief human resources officer at Telecare. "Starting at the very beginning, our solution enabled Telecare to deliver personal and dynamic recruiting to candidates. Our branding comes through in our recruiting pages, so applicants immediately get a glimpse of our story, purpose, and mission."

One area where Telecare has seen significant impacts is onboarding, by helping the organization retain its critical people early on, while achieving cost savings from optimizing its long-term operations. "Our onboarding tool gave us a platform to help us deliver a consistent and convenient experience in line with our people management philosophies, and in the year since launching, we saw our 90-day turnover drop by 50%," said Rudnitzki. "Overall, recruiting and onboarding helped us find and retain the best local talent while optimizing our staff levels-saving us over $750,000."

Telecare has also relied on employee survey and sentiment analysis tools to gain a deeper understanding of employees' feelings about their overall work experience, especially those who decide to leave the organization. "Prior to leveraging these tools, we were inconsistent in our administration of exit surveys. Our paper-based process not only limited who had access to this valuable data, but also the remedial actions we were able to take," said Rudnitzki. "With our sentiment analysis tools, all survey data is accessible from one, central location, and one HR employee can manage the entire process, including running reports and providing highly visual, insightful data to company leaders who can take meaningful action."

As Telecare prepares to grow its team by 40%, with plans to hire an additional 2,400 employees by 2020, managers are looking to their HCM to help attract qualified talent and deliver an enhanced workplace experience that will keep the company’s people happy and engaged.

“Success as we grow means focusing both on retaining our current employees and recruiting the best local talent in the future,” said Rudnitzki

"Starting at the very beginning, our solution enabled Telecare to deliver personal and dynamic recruiting to candidates. Our branding comes through in our recruiting pages, so applicants immediately get a glimpse of our story, purpose, and mission."
— Suzanne Rudnitzki, former chief human resources officer at Telecare

eClinicalWorks - Ultimate Software


Managing rapid expansion with best-in-class HCM

eClinicalWorks is a leader in ambulatory clinical solutions that harness new technologies to create community-wide electronic health records for patients. The organization is highly decorated with numerous TEPR (Towards the Electronic Patient Record) awards, and serves more than 55,000 healthcare providers and over 250,000 medical professionals in all 50 states.

Federal initiatives have invested billions of dollars to help doctors, hospitals, and other medical agencies convert and unify their paper medical records and patient histories into a secure electronic record. In response to this new technological demand, the solutions offered by eClinicalWorks have made the company one of the fastest-growing clinical system providers in the United States. The struggle to manage this accelerated growth led the organization to seek a new HR and payroll solution in 2008.

After selecting full-featured people management delivered in the cloud, eClinicalWorks empowered its employees and associates with self-service access to compensation history, benefits information, and other personal and payroll data. Gone are the constant calls to the HR department to resolve discrepancies, look up historical information, or manually retrieve paystubs-enabling them to focus on streamlining processes and more strategic activities. For example, eClinicalWorks' IT professionals working on temporary H-1B visas have usual pay protocols, requiring a paystub each time they leave the country. Prior to adopting cloud-based HCM, this was a logistical headache that has now been completely eliminated with the ability for employees to obtain their own stubs in seconds.

By simultaneously taking advantage of cloud-based recruitment, eClinicalWorks also furthered its goals of managing growth by dramatically reducing the time it takes to review hundreds of job applications. Instead of an arduous manual process, the company's HR professionals can now review applicants electronically, evaluating candidate histories, and send relevant information to hiring managers all without any workflow delays, privacy or security concerns, or the need to use a single sheet of paper. Applicants are automatically notified when their résumé has been received or if more information has been required, and centralization eliminates the possibility of duplicate data entry.

Fully leveraging this technology alongside rapid growth has also led eClinicalWorks to take advantage of powerful metrics and reporting to help control costs. Using advanced Business Intelligence, the company tracks time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, job-opening statistics, effectiveness rates from applicant sources, productivity, and ultimately the success or failure rate of every dollar spent on recruitment.

"We immediately realized that we have so much more information at our fingertips than we ever had before," said Diane Burrows, HR Director at eClinicalWorks. "We are so pleased to have real-time access to our employee information so that we now have a truly complete view of our workforce for forecasting, day-to-day reporting, and meeting the demands for regulatory compliance."

“We immediately realized that we have so much more information at our fingertips than we ever had before,”
— Diane Burrows, HR Director

Healogics - Ultimate Software


Leveraging cloud technology for scalability and strategic growth

With over 500 care centers nationwide treating nearly 200,000 patients per year, Jacksonville-based Healogics is the largest provider of advanced wound care services in the United States. The organization treats a wide array of patients with its extensive medical network and an evidence-based, systematic approach to chronic wound healing.

Healogics employs over 2,200 workers including staff at each of its locations as well as contractors, temporary workers, and hospital employees. This highly diverse workforce, alongside rapid expansion, made a unified, cloud- based HCM solution a perfect fit to help the provider drive strategic business decisions. By leveraging powerful reporting tools, a high degree of configurability and the flexibility to accommodate new locations and employees, Healogics has experienced continual growth while streamlining efficiencies.

After the provider finalized a significant acquisition, it experienced an immediate 50% increase in the size of its employee base. Whereas a system relying on multiple providers or service bureaus might have added numerous headaches to this equation, Healogics instead relied on a single best-in-class cloud HCM solution and had every new employee live within about 30 days of the acquisition.

Cloud technology has enabled the provider to meet its unique and complex business needs in the healthcare field while simultaneously automating and streamlining many administrative processes. This has resulted in reduced errors and paper waste, hours of manual data entry saved, and a refocusing of resources on the strategic activities that matter most.

Workflow processes, such as onboarding new hires or managing time and attendance, have become more efficient and accurate than ever. According to Payroll Manager Aimee Morgan, "Within 20 minutes of being hired, new hires can have a time sheet. And if something changes for an employee, we immediately see the change made in every area across the solution. We've achieved huge gains in efficiencies." The HR and payroll teams at Healogics have noted an improved employee experience across the board with easier access to critical information and faster, more collaborative communication between teams.

Healogics has also taken full advantage of their people management solution's reporting and business intelligence tools for strategic insight. Because all workforce-information is unified in one location, the company can report on an enormous number of metrics such as average turnover by role, get headcounts per location, or report on trends to help with the allocation of resources. "With high levels of visibility and accuracy, our teams can identify how many nurses it takes to run a specific Wound Care Center and we can report on every person who is working at each of our facilities," said Morgan.

“With the recent acquisition, we increased our employee base by 50% and had all the new employees live in about 30 days, which is an immense achievement for us.”
— Aimee Morgan, Payroll Manager


Organizations in the healthcare sphere are uniquely poised to take advantage of the tools offered by comprehensive HCM. Leveraging a best-in-class solution from a trusted provider can empower your enterprise to take on healthcare industry challenges efficiently, eliminate convoluted manual processes, and plan for the future.

People management offered in the cloud empowers employees and managers to access their data from anywhere. Streamlined online workflows can make filling vacancies with top talent easier than ever. Dozens of disparate sources of information can be consolidated into one single system-of-record for your entire organization. And automation of archaic tasks can help you reclaim hours lost to administrative processes, reduce paper waste, and attain significant savings over time.

About UltiPro®

More than 4,100 organizations have selected UltiPro as their human capital management software of choice. Industry leaders have relied on UltiPro to serve their people management needs for more than a decade from HR and payroll to talent and time management. Ultimate Software has a proven track record of best-in-class functionality and unparalleled customer service.
  • Streamline, consolidate and enhance your payroll processes to maximize strategic impact
  • Capture real-time employee information based on a plethora of demographics to stay at the forefront of industry trends
  • Easily integrate with third-party systems, including point-of-sale systems, 401(k) providers, and more
  • Manage your global employees’ HR/payroll data from anywhere with 24-7 online access

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