Community Bridges

Uses UltiPro Perception to build trust, support employee success

Key Benefits
  • Helped capture more emotion than can be observed through a traditional survey
  • Learned that the organization needed to communicate more clearly about the positive changes taking place
  • Enabled the organization to act quickly, rather than wait for a survey’s manual tabulation and analysis, to react to employees’ concerns

Community Bridges has a 32-year history of providing comprehensive behavioral health programs that include prevention, education, and treatment services using cutting-edge, nationally recognized treatment models. Many Community Bridges employees have passed through the programs themselves and can speak to those currently in treatment with the empathy and compassion that comes from shared experiences. Community Bridges went live with UltiPro in January 2017, and launched UltiPro Perception in September.

1,360 employees

"Employees express more emotion at work than you can observe through a traditional survey," said Maddie Nichols, chief human resources officer of Community Bridges. "Especially in a behavioral health system, where emotion is a dominant player in the workplace, I saw that UltiPro Perception was the ideal tool to help us make our employees successful."

Due to a shift in funding, Community Bridges is currently undertaking organizational changes. Nichols reports that the organization's annual employee satisfaction survey uncovered a fear of change among its employees, a theme the organization was never able to capture from traditional surveys. As a result, the organization has moved aggressively on this issue.


• Organization was able to quickly mobilize group roundtable discussions for our employees, a personal setting that makes
them the most comfortable sharing information.

• The organization’s ability to act quickly, rather than wait for a survey’s manual tabulation and analysis, helped the organization react rapidly to employees’ concerns.

• Organization is using the data from UltiPro Perception to inform the way it communicates with its employees.

• The leadership has been pleasantly surprised by the high degree of honesty its employees are sharing through UltiPro
Perception, which is attributed to employee trust in the confidentiality of the product.

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