RMH Franchise Corporation

Uses UltiPro to Speed Processing of Acquired Employees, Manage Payroll

Key Benefits
  • Added 33 locations and about 2,000 employees in one acquisition, without adding any headcount to payroll department
  • Eliminated the time-consuming and detail-intensive processes related to tax reporting and wage attachments
  • Configured UltiPro to handle the special situations encountered in the restaurant industry

RMH Franchise Corporation Speeds Processing of Acquired Employees, Manages Industry’s Payroll Challenges With HCM tool UltiProRMH operates more than 175 Applebee’s locations in 15 states, and has grown to a payroll of approximately 10,000 employees.

10,000+ employees

RMH was using multiple HCM solutions and managed many processes by hand, including thousands of wage garnishments every payroll.


• UltiPro makes acquisitions very easy for RMH—a simple matter of adding more records, including locations, pay groups, and new states, into the solution.

• The integration of UltiPro into RMH’s point-of-sale system enables the employee to clock in electronically.

• With UltiPro Payment Services, RMH eliminated the time-consuming and detail intensive processes related to tax reporting and wage attachments.

• UltiPro’s industry-specific features help the company manage all tip-related issues.

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