Waterstone Mortgage

Leverages Ultimate's customer service to achieve resource savings

Key Benefits
  • Kept administrative headcount steady while experiencing a 25% increase in employee base
  • Received immediate access to customer service through Ultimate Software’s case-management system
  • Expedited reporting with UltiPro Business Intelligence for easy access to real-time data

Nationwide Mortgage lender leverages Ultimate's customer service to achieve resource savingsWaterstone Mortgage Corporation is an innovative mortgage-lending company that has maintained a reputation for exceptional service and competitive mortgage financing. Founded in 2000, the company has the ability to lend in 45 U.S. states. In 2017, Waterstone Mortgage surpassed $2.6 billion in annual loan-origination volume. The company's reputation as a strong, purchase-focused lender allows it to attract top talent from the mortgage lending industry.

Business Intelligence delivers financial savings

Prior to UltiPro, Waterstone Mortgage used a payroll service bureau for its human capital management (HCM). However, the payroll service bureau lacked supportive and responsive customer service, which created a number of challenges for Waterstone Mortgage's Human Resources (HR) team. "We were just a number, and the lack of attention we received caused significant problems," said Jen Paske, Waterstone Mortgage HR Manager. "For example, when a payroll preview was returned to us with an error, we waited several hours to receive an explanation of the problem from customer service, which caused costly delays in our process."


• Ultimate's smooth deployment set the company up for success with UltiPro.

• Ultimate's case management system is providing the responsiveness that Waterstone needs for urgent issues.

• A variety of UltiPro functionality has enabled the company to keep administrative headcount steady during period of significant growth.

• UltiPro's built-in reports have helped the company save time getting to key data.

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