- Internship Program -

The TechStar Internship Program is a hands-on software engineering program that offers you the opportunity to jump start your career at a top-ranked technology company. At Ultimate Software, you will learn & hone your skillset, get to work on really cool projects, and most importantly, have fun!


  • Fort Lauderdale, FL  |
  •   Atlanta, GA  |
  •   San Fransico, CA  |
  •   Toronto, CAN

- Our Culture -


At Ultimate Software, we believe that people are the most important ingredient of any business. We strongly believe in teamwork, and we encourage and trust our people to reach higher, learn more, and live up to their potential. Empowering innovation and constant learning are two of our core values, which is why you will truly feel valued and part of your team when you work here as a TechStar.

- About TechStar Program -

Starting in 2006 with two summer interns, Ultimate's TechStar program has grown to a year-round program welcoming 175 people annually. We offer talented, motivated engineers a "People First" culture, fun activities, community service opportunities, and growth as both individuals and technology professionals. The intensive technical-learning mentorship received as TechStars allow our alumni to join Ultimate as full-time engineers, and many alumni have been promoted to leadership positions as their careers progress

*Full time offers extended to interns that have been accepted = 95%

*2-year retention rate for TechStars that have moved into full time positions = 97%

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Our Product

What you will be working on?

Our people develop and deliver UltiPro©, an award winning, cloud based human capital management solution. For more info, click here:


- Testimonials -

My time as a TechStar was challenging and enjoyable at the same time. I was put on a team that treated me like an equal; they didn't just give me the low hanging fruit/busy work. I was given pivotal tasks within the first week. As daunting as that may seem, it was a great way to learn. I was supported every step of the way by my team, not just my mentor and manager. My mentor was there for any questions big or small that I had, whether it was in regards to technical aspects or team specific information. The events we had were really fun, and the University Relations Team made sure to get to know us in an informal setting. I felt like they always wanted to make sure I was being challenged and feeling comfortable within my team. This experience surpassed all of my other internship experiences, and I am thoroughly grateful for it. Kassandra Philogene, Software Engineer

When I heard about Ultimate Software, the culture really stood out to me. I was blown away by how much the company values its employees and engineering practices. My first week as a TechStar was dedicated to boot camp, a week-long event where I learned about Ultimate, its people, and its company values. I also got to participate in different activities during the bootcamp such as a mini-hackathon, agile training, and software development workshops. After that, I began working with my team and got to develop on projects that were directly reflecting our team's offerings. I was treated like a full-time engineer and even got to show my work during standups and meetings. Midway through my internship, my UR mentor reached out to me regarding a full-time role I could interview for. With the help of my UR mentor and the TechStar program, I was well prepared for the interview and got the job! The TechStar program offered me a way to grow as an engineer, but more importantly, as a person. David Castaneda, Software Engineer

I felt very welcomed throughout the whole TechStar internship program. Even though I got sick during the introduction week and had to take two days off, the University Relations Team was so nice and sent me all the important information that I needed. The engineering team I was placed in was great, and I was treated like any other team member from the start. My UR Mentor was always there if I needed anything, and was actively looking for opportunities for me to transition to becoming a full-time employee. After a month had passed, she got me an interview with two different teams for a full-time position. Within a week of the interview, I had an offer. The transition to my new team was smooth, and I felt very welcome there. Overall it was a great experience going through the TechStar program, and I highly recommend it! Ryan Scupp, Software Engineer

- Benefits & Perks -

At Ultimate Software, interns are treated like first class employees from day one. They are given access to the same training, learning, and fun events that our full-time engineers get to participate in.

  • Software Engineer Bootcamp
    4 days of instructor-led, hands-on training
  • Training Plan
    training plan
  • Pluralsight
    Free enterprise
    license to
  • Lunch & Learn
    Lunch & Learn
  • Performance Conversation
    with University Relations staff
  • Paid Service Days
    Paid Service Days2 days per year/per employee for charity work
  • Online Health
    Online Health
    Wellness and Work-Life Balance Services
  • Icecream truck days
    Ice Cream
    Truck Days
  • Food Truck Days
    * Food Truck Days
  • Farmers Market
    * Farmer's
    Market Onsite
  • Massages, Acupuncture, and Cupping Onsite
    Acupuncture, and
    Cupping Onsite
  • Meditation Programs
  • Fitness Classes Onsite
    * Fitness Classes
  • Free Monthly Breakfast
    Free Monthly
  • Monthly Birthday Celebrations
    Monthly Birthday
  • Sponsored Sports Teams
    Sponsored Sports
  • Local and National Discounts
    Local and National
  • Onsite Car Washes
    * Onsite Car
* Represents Headquarters – Specific Perks

- Meet the University Relations Team -

Adriana Lechin
Adriana Lechin

Talent Acquisition Partner

Jessie Cline
Jessie Cline

Talent Acquisition Specialist

Adriana Lechin
Lauren Curtis

Talent Acquisition Coordinator

- Universities we partner with -

  • FIU
  • MIT
  • Stanford
  • FAU
  • University of Florida
  • UCF
  • US San Diego
  • Georgia Tech
  • RIT
  • Waterloo
  • Toronto
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